Director / Producer / Cinematographer / Editor
Ben Hamilton 

Ben Hamilton, Matt Hill

Executive Producer
J.J. Kelley

Post Producer
Matt Hill

Music Composition
Jake Owen and Andy Dollerson

Mixing and Sound Design
Andy Dollerson

Associate Producer
Adam Andis

Film Presented By:
The Sitka Conservation Society
Executive Director – Andrew Thoms
USDA Forest Service Alaska Region, Tongass National Forest
Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act.

Cast by Location
Jacob Hofman – Misty Fiords National Monument Wilderness

Blain and Monique Anderson – West Chichagof-Yakobi Wilderness

Don MacDougall – Kootznoowoo Wilderness

Donald Frank – Angoon

Roger Williams – Angoon

Solan Jensen – Tracy Arm Fords Terror Wilderness

Camera Operators
Justin DeShields
Alex Crook

Assistant Editor
Peter Silverman

Ben Hamilton

Animation and Titles
Matt Eagle (Eagle Eye Studios)

Production Coordinator
Kristen Howard

Natural Sound Recordings Provided by
Richard Nelson and Hanks Lentfer

Stock Aerials Provided by
Daniel Zatz

Film made possible thanks to the following Organizations
Living Wilderness Fund
Un-Cruise Adventures
Skaggs Foundation
Audubon Society Alaska
Defenders and Friends of Admiralty Island
Bridgeway Foundation
Alaska Wilderness League
Sound Sailing
Alaska Conservation Foundation

Film made possible by the following donors:

Steve Abbott
Sonya Alcocer-Charles
Lois Anderson
Blain and Monique Anderson
Michelle Arceneaux
Rob Avery
Jennifer Barget
Naomi Bargmann
Mary Barry
Aaron Barton
Hayes Baxley
Yvonne Bayer
Whintey Beer-Kerr
Will and Dena Bohall
Kent Bovee
Joy Branson
Alan Brew
Andi Burgess
Roger and Elaine DuBrock
Donna Brock
Nate and Liane Brock
Grace Brooks
Marilynn brown
Matt Catterson
Willie Cochran
Dan Constable
David Cranston
Brian Cranston
Susan and Kevin Crook
Dove Davis
Rob Dulaney
Bob and Nancy Folger
Amy and Benjamin Francois
Deborah Fulton
Erin Fulton
Carole Gibson
Melanie, John & Bethany Goodrich
Michelle Green
Elena Gustafson
Daven Hafey
Dee Dee & Thierry Hansard
Teagan Hayes
Christina Hennessy
Matt Hill
Carrie Hisaoka
Skip Hobbie
Carlin Holden
Elizabeth Hospodarsky
Janet Howes
Ben Hughey
Loraine Inez Lil
Michael Ingerma
Judy Isaac
Natalie Ivanovskis
Solan Jensen
Charles Johannsen
Karen L. Johnson
Lolita Kelley
Aiden Kennedy
Paul Killian
Lynne Killian
Paul Killian
Bob Killian
Kevin Knox
David Koseluk
Marcel LaPerriere
Michael Lee
Judi Lehmann
Cristina Lewis
Michael Litman
Erin Matthes
Mim McConnell
Dayne McDonough
Kyle Mernitz
Kaylyn Messer
K.J. Metcalf
Lily Mihalik
Steve Mims
Mary Anne Minter
Marthe Moseley
Jonathan Neeley
Dave Nuetzel
Ginny Olney
Anisa Peters
Vicki Petty
Anne Pollnow
Koali Pontual-Thorne
Gabriel and Tammy Rajunov
Fermin and Dorothy Rajunov
Matt, Meredith, Eden & Ryce Recko
Bill & Yolonda Reynolds
Matt Reynolds
Herb and Betty Rische
Corey Robinson
Patricia Rodrigues
Dennis Rogers
Laura Rotegard
Kristin Roth
Red Sanders
Brooke Schafer
Joel Schiffer
Dee Dee and Perry Sedgwick
Shannon and Sam Davis
Darcy Shepard
Rebecca Smith
Jacob & Hannah Sorteber
Hillary Sotello
Rachel Stalcup
Amanda Strick
Amy Sweeney
Reba Trani
Bonnie Turner
Stephen Van Derhoff
Dwight Vase
Tomás ward
Randy Welsh
Jordan Wicker
Carolyn Wilkerson
Mary Woods
Aditya Yerrapragada

Special Thanks to
Bill Tremblay
Katina Rajunov
Steve Kimball
And all our Tongass National Forest partners on the
Sitka, Juneau, Wrangell, amd Ketchikan-Misty Fiords ranger districts
and Admiralty Island National Monument.

Production by
Pioneer Videography LLC

The Meaning of Wild
© Copyright 2014 – Sitka Conservation Society

This film should not be copied, sold, or distributed
without formal consent from Pioneer Videography LLC and the Sitka Conservation Society.